COMING SOON           

A graphic novel about an obsessed street racer and his encounter
with a mysterious driver, that will change the course of one tragic night.


About the creators

This story was originally created by two long-time friends with a shared passion for filmmaking, comics, and creative writing. Tomas Figueroa and Man Luong met in high school in Paramount, California. Their love for film soon had them working on personal projects together. Following high school both went their independent ways, yet ended up traversing into film programs at local universities. At this stage, both are eager to combine their talents to produce remarkable creative projects and build a network of fellow aspiring creative artists.

Man Luong is a writer, graphic designer, and video editor living in Long Beach, California. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Films and Electronic Arts with an option in Film Production. His student short film Reflection won the Dramatic Allied Arts Guild 2002 Scholarship. He also directed and wrote the 2006 CSULB Vietnamese Student Association Vietnamese Culture Night.  Currently, he works at a learning center inspiring youth through classes in video production, video game design, photography, graphic design, and drama.

Tomas Figueroa graduated with a BA in Communications and Radio-TV-Film at California State University, Fullerton and his MBA at Brandman University. He's currently taking courses to prepare him for a career as a producer. His passions are his family, cars, gaming, and writing.  He has worked on independent films in the sound department and as a writing intern for an independent producer. In 2010, he worked as production assistant with a video game company cinematics department. He resides in Southern California where he manages a department at a state university.